Taliban close to form new govt, but Panjshir fights continues

The Afghan Taliban are very close to forming a new government in Afghanistan that would be led by the Taliban leader Mullah Baradar. As they are closed to form a government the fights still continue in Panjshir valley between the Taliban and anti-Taliban group.

The Taliban are facing a lot of challenges to form a government from an insurgent group to a government power after the complete withdrawal of US troops from the country. But they are facing and battling with the last resistance group in Panjshir valley. This group was against the Soviet Union occupation and the first rule of the Taliban from 1996-2001.

On late Friday when the Taliban celebrates the withdrawal of the SU troops and fire bullets in the sky rumors spread the news that the valley had fallen. But no official claim was made by the Taliban and the news was fake as one of the resistant told AFP by phone call.

The Taliban are trying to resolve the issue in Panjshir valley with anti-Taliban resistance. The key district of Paryan has been taken and lost again, but it could not be independently verified. While on the other hand, the West adopted to wait and watch approach, and there were some signs of engagements with new leaders.

China will keep their embassy open in Kabul they confirmed it in a tweet with the Taliban’s spokesperson. Foreign ministry spokesman of china Wang Wenbin said:

We hope the Taliban will establish an open and inclusive political structure, pursue moderate and stable domestic and foreign policy and make a clean break with all terrorist groups.

The country’s official airline names Ariana Afghan Airlines has resumed domestic flights on Friday. While on the other hand, the United Arab Emirates has sent a plan carrying medical and food aid for Afghanistan. The world is now started to build relations with Afghanistan’s new leadership.

The officials of MoneyGram and western union said that they will resume their services within the Afghanistan as most of them survive with the money sent by their relatives from abroad. Qatar government official said that they are working to reopen the airport in Kabul.

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