Refugees Crises between Poland and Belarus: East and West is at the Brink of War

Standoff between Poland and Belarus still continued since earlier this year and the condition is worsening day by day. There are thousands of migrants and refugees are present in Belarus in the hope to cross the Poland border and enter in the European Union for a better life. Most migrants and refugees are from war-torn countries of the Middle East. Most migrants and refugees are from Syria and Iraq. 11 refugees and migrants dead including a baby due to very low temperature according to an independent aid agency.

Current Situation at Poland Border

Despite the ongoing efforts to ease the crises of migrants and refugees at the Poland border, Poland security forces arrested many migrants and refugees overnight who tried to cross the border of Poland on 19 November 2021. Poland claim that earlier this night 100s of migrants and refugees made attempts to cross Belarus into Poland. Poland officials claim that there were about 100 migrants and refugees who made attempt to cross the border and then the Belarusian side brought about 500 migrants and refugees. Poland put blame on Belarusian authorities that they were bringing migrants and refugees to the Poland border. But no media house can confirm these claims made by Poland authorities because they have restricted media persons to entering 3km of the wide area near to the border.

Belarusian officials denied all the claims made by Poland. Belarusian officials put blame on Polish security forces for inhuman behavior towards migrants and refugees.

Current Situation at Poland Border
Photo: Kacper Pempel/Reuters

Background of Standoff Poland and Belarus

Earlier this year, European Union sanctions Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko over disputed election 2020 (according to European Union). Victory in the 2020 election gave the sixth term as President of Belarus. After this election antigovernment protest erupts. Belarus demanded European Union to lift the sanctions from Belarus. Even Belarus gave threats to European Union that it can block the Yammal pipeline. Yammal pipeline supplies gas from Russia to Europe via Belarus.

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Belarus is a close ally to Russia. They have the agreement known as the Union of Russia and Belarus. According to this agreement, they have a common defense policy and people can move freely of both countries. It means conflict between Belarus and Poland becomes the conflict between NATO and Russia.

Now Poland is framing its border standoff with Belarus standoff between Russia and NATO. The U.S is also accusing Russia that it is increasing the military and building up the military infrastructure along the border with Ukraine from earlier this year. The U.S has blamed Russia that it is planning to invade Ukraine. Ukraine is the non-NATO ally of America. Ukraine is also accusing Russia that it is supporting the separatist armed organization.

Background of Standoff at Polnd Border
Source: Google Earth, Maxar Technologies, Mapbox Photo: Aljazeera

Diplomatic Efforts to Ease the Standoff

In past recent days, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany spoke to President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus to ease the tension between Poland and Belarus over refugee crises. They spoke twice a week.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko spoke 2nd time on refugee crises.

But there is nothing positive happening on the ground.

A spokesperson for President Alexander Lukashenko said earlier on Thursday said that during the first call between President Alexander Lukashenko and Chancellor Merkel Angel, President had asked European Union to take 2000 migrants and refugees. And Belarus will facilitate this if they wish.

But Germany rejected the proposal made by Belarus. German Interior Minister said that this is the strategy taking European Union under pressure. We will bow to this proposal. We already have refugees and migrants in Germany. She added that we are very clear that this crisis an artificially created by Belarus. And it is their responsibility to stop and solve it.

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