Astroworld Tragedy: Travis Scott and Astroworld concert organizers sued for $750m after 9 people dead

Travis Scott, Astro World organizers, festival promoters Live Nation, tech giant Apple, and other firms related to security and medical services are sued for $750m by the survivors and families of those who died. Tech giant Apple was sued by survivors and victims’ families because the event was live streaming at Apple Music. Drake is also mentioned in this lawsuit filed by the survivors and victims’ families. Lawyer Tony Buzbee who has filed the case against Astroworld organizers said that soon he is going to file another case with more survivors and victims.

The legal case claims that Travis Scott and Drake kept performing despite the surge that was happing. But Travis Scott has claimed that he was not aware of the tragedy. And he will pay the families for the funerals expenses and he is supporting the Huston police with the ongoing investigation.

8 people dead at the Astroworld festival as the crowd surge began. More than 300 injured people were brought to the hospital. A 10 years old boy died in hospital after being brought to the hospital. He was in critical condition. Most patients were in cardiac arrest and trauma. Survivors who were present at Astroworld are now saying that Travis Scott and Drake could have stopped the concert because an ambulance came into the crowd. An ambulance is seen in the crowd during the Astroworld.

Photo: CNN

Blame Game of Astroworld

In a statement, Travis Scott’s spokesperson said that rappers didn’t have the authority to stop the concert. The executive producer and the concert producer have the authority to stop the performance, the spokesperson added. Houston police department also said in a statement that even police didn’t have the authority to stop the concert. Only those who were in charge had the authority to stop the concert.

Reasons of Tragedy at Astroworld

About 50,000 people were present at the Astroworld festival. All 50,000 people started pushing towards the central stage where Travis Scott was performing. People died because of cardiac arrest and pressure caused by the surge which led to the shortage of air available. Also, there was no proper light in the stadium for the crowd. There was no emergency exit gate available for the crowd. Astroworld organizers didn’t have a plan to avoid the surge despite the crowd surge that already happened in 2019. And if management took the decision on time deaths could be below 9. The age of dead bodies is 10 to 27. All are teenagers and young boys.

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