Space war: Russia successfully conduct an anti-satellite missile test by destroying its own Cosmos 1408 satellite

On Monday, Russia fired the anti-satellite missile which successfully hit the targeted satellite. The target satellite was the Russian Cosmos 1408 which was retired and was dead decades ago. The Cosmos 1408 lunched in September 1982. The Cosmos 1408 was Tselina-D class electronic intelligence signals satellite.

The US condemns the anti-satellite test

The US condemns the anti-satellite missile test conducted by Russia. NASA also condemns the anti-satellite conducted by Russia. NASA is worried about the junk of satellites and debris in outer orbit. European and US scientific community also condemns the anti-satellite missile test. The anti-satellite missile created about 1500 pieces of debris which can harm the satellites and the crew of the International Space Station (ISS). Now about 9600 debris are orbiting the Earth planet according to European Space Agency. US officials also said that it is dangerous for the crew that is currently in International Space Station (ISS) and for International Space Station (ISS) itself. The time of this anti-satellite test is very important. Because tension between US and Russia is high. Belarus and Poland are brinks of war because of migrants’ issues. Russia is also building its troops along the border with Europe and Ukraine according to the US and European news agencies.

Junkyard in the outer orbit

There are millions of debris are in the outer orbit orbiting the Earth which can harm the big satellites. Satellites are very important nowadays for communication, GPS, weather forecast, and also for military purposes. And there are millions of smaller pieces of debris that can pierce the spacesuit. And there is big enough debris which can destroy the space-crafts.

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Russia denied the US and European allegations

Russia denied all the allegations from US and Europe that described the astronauts in the International Space Station (ISS) were in danger because of the anti-satellite missile test. Russian officials said that their first priority will remain the safety of the crew of the International Space Station (ISS). They also added that they are continuously monitoring the situation of the space to avoid any danger to International Space Station (ISS) and its crew. There are currently 7 astronauts present in International Space Station (ISS): four Americans, one German, and two Russians.

Russian officials also said that Russia is against the militarization of space. They also added that we have been and are against the militarization of space. But Russian military exert says that Russia has the best technology in anti-missile and anti-satellite weapons in the world and Russia is deploying them.

Countries capable of anti-satellite missiles

Russia is not the only country with anti-satellite missiles. US, China, and India also have the capability to destroy the satellites. India was the last country who conduct the first anti-satellite test in 2019. NASA also condemns India on the anti-satellite tests. China, Russia and, the US are three main adversaries in the anti-satellite missile race and space militarization. The US especially has U.S. command for space militarization and to look after the developing situation in space.

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