Sweden breaks 28 years undefeated record of the Spanish team

Spain is undefeated for the last 28 years in FIFA World Cup Qualifying and they played 66 matches with a 100% win ratio. But the Swedish team breaks their undefeated record on Friday by a dramatic win with 2-1. Sweden came from behind and they secured the victory with goals from Alexander Isak and Viktor Claesson. The Swedish team has a perfect start with a win and secured the first position in FIFA World Cup qualifying.

Spain has an unbeaten streak in FIFA World Cup with 66 consecutive game wins. At the start of the match, Spain takes the lead in the first four minutes when Jordi Alba lifted a ball and helps the debutant Carlos Soler to hit it into the net. But their leads only lasts for a minute when Alexander Isak hit a perfect goal into the corner for Sweden.

The second goal of Sweden it by Viktor Claesson and it came in just 10 minutes of the second half. After that, both teams got many opportunities to hit a goal but failed due to strong defense at both sides. And the final score remains 2-1 in the favor of Sweden and they end the unbeaten streak of Spain that lasts almost 28 years.

Sweden is now rocking and they have won seven consecutive wins at home in FIFA World Cup qualifiers including wins against Italy and France. Sweden now moves to the first position after this match and Spain is now in second place in Group B.

The Swedish team is playing very good and they might be able to secure their position in FIFA World Cup qualifying to move to Qatar for FIFA World Cup 2022. The Spanish team is now working hard to maintain its record of consecutive victories.

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