Why did New Zealand cancel its tour of Pakistan? Real Facts

The New Zealand team has canceled their tour and they moved back from Pakistan. They canceled the tour even on the match day and they insisted to return back. The tour was planned for almost months and their security team was there in Pakistan to monitor the security situations. PCB accommodates their security officials and helps them to monitor the security.

Then after monitoring for months they sent the report to their board. After that board decided to send their team to Pakistan for a series including t20’ and ODI’s because the country was safe. Their team also remained in Pakistan for 3-4 days and they did their practice for the match. They also take part in the series trophy show-off. There was no security threat till that day.

But on the matchday suddenly they asked to move back as they received a security threat from their country and advised them to move back. Pakistan was safe a couple of hours ago but within one hour the country became insecure for their players. And then they decided to move back and canceled the tour on match day when fans were waiting for the start of the match.

Pakistan has revealed yesterday on Wednesday 22-09-2021 that, India is involved in the cancelation of the Pak vs NZ series in Pakistan. The Facebook id with the name of Ahsan Ul Allah was used to threaten the guest team to withdraw their tour of Pakistan. this id was created from India and Pakistan has strong proof for that. Fawad Choudhary showed the proofs for linkage of that account to India. They did this in 2009 too with the Sri Lankan team. They can’t make Pakistan alone said Federal Minister Shiekh Rasheed.

Is New Zealand a safe country for them? If yes, why a person killed 2-3 people in a cash and carry. He killed them with a gun and after that police killed that person too for the killing of innocent people. What does it mean that New Zealand is not safe? Attacks may happen anywhere in America, Australia, Germany, UK, and India. But in Pakistan no recent attack happened, the country is fully safe and secured.

Now the question is that how the security threat came the match day? Why this threat was not given by the joint agencies as the team was there for almost 3-4 days? Is the agency was sleeping in that 4 days when the team was there in Pakistan? I am sure they just want to ruin the cricket of Pakistan and they did that. They were not in the mode of playing cricket in Pakistan.

The country that was the safest place for the American military suddenly became unsafe for New Zealand under full-fledged security. The agencies were sleeping when the American military decided to stay in Pakistan when they were withdrawing from Afghanistan as at that time Pakistan was the safest place in this region.

The country is hosting millions of tourists each year and there is no security threat for them. A Canadian vlogger, Rosie Gabrielle who traveled from Gwadar to Peshawar on the bike. She traveled without any security but she remained safe all over Pakistan. But the New Zealand team under high-profile security was not safe. How this is possible.

This was a pre-planned drama to ruin Pakistan cricket. The International Cricket Council should change its name to Indian Cricket Council. Pakistan provided the best security even the prime minister didn’t get that security. Pakistan should close the embassy of New Zealand and send their ambassador back to his country as Pakistan is not safe then why they are here?

They were not here to play with Pakistan. They just came to ruin the reputation of the country and to ruin the cricket of Pakistan. And they did that by deciding to cancel the tour. They were aware of the tour cancellation that’s why they didn’t do any practice for the match. They stay here in a formal way and no serious practice was shown by the New Zealand team in Pakistan.

Darren Sammy said he is very disappointed with the decision of the New Zealand board to cancel the tour of Pakistan. The situation now has been changed in Pakistan. In earlier people asked should I go to Pakistan? But now they asked where to go in Pakistan and what should they eat? I am coming to Pakistan for the last 6 six years and I feel more secured each time when I come.

Now the future of Pakistan cricket is depending on the decision of the English Cricket Board. The ECB will announce their decision for their tour in Pakistan that was scheduled in the coming month of October.

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