8 Secret health benefits of Olive Oil, Do you know?

Olive oil is the most beneficial and strongest oil in all-natural oils. It is the best kitchen product for a healthy life. Olive oil protects you from a lot of diseases and makes you healthy and stronger with its amazing benefits. Most of the people that understand the importance of olive oil used this oil on salads to intake healthy food, and also it increases the taste of the salad. Olive oil has very rich textures and it is beneficial for body massage as well. You can say that olive is an all-rounder as it has a lot of health benefits.

Today we will discuss some major and important benefits of olive oil that should be known by every person. Most people are unaware of the amazing health benefits of olive oil. In this article, we try to cover almost all the major and important benefits of olive oil.

When you move to the supermarket to buy olive oil you may see 2-3 different types of olive oil but don’t worry all oils are very beneficial for health so, let’s take a look at all types.

  1. Extra virgin olive oil: This oil is extracted by cold pressing of olives and it is the most beneficial olive oil but it is also very expensive among all olive oils.
  2. Virgin Olive oil: It is cheaper than the extra virgin olive oil but it is very good for cooking purposes. so, keep this oil in your kithchedn and eat healthy cooked food.
  3. Pure Olive oil: this type of oil is not suitable for use as it has very high acidic content. This oil is made by the combination of refined and virgin olive oils.

Now the wait is over let’s move to some secret health benefits of olive oils. Keep reading to live a healthy life by the use of olive oils. The benefits of olive oils are as follows.

1. Prevents Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a very common and deadly disease in females as in most cases it diagnoses at its last stages and at that stage, you can’t be healthy by taking treatments. In most cases, females lose their breasts just because of breast cancer. Olive oil is very beneficial to prevent females from breast cancer.

The latest studies have shown that females that use olive oil have a very lower risk of breast cancer. Olive oil is very beneficial in breast cancer because it has a natural compound called ‘oleuropein’ which contains anti-cancer properties and prevents cancer as compared to those who don’t use olive oil.

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2. Olive oil can treat depression

it has a lot of health benefits and the treatment of depression is very important as lots of the diseases caused by depression-like blood pressure, headaches, etc. Olive oil is one of those foods that can act as antidepressants and prevent depression. If you use olive oil regularly it can prevent depression and keeps you happy and healthy in your life. So, keep using olive oil on regular basis and stay safe and healthy. You can use it while eating food or you can also use it on salads. If you can cook in olive oil it would be the best option for you.

3. High concentration of Antioxidants

It is a rich source of antioxidants that are known for its free-radical fighting properties. Antioxidants prevent the oxidation of cells and help in reducing the blood cholesterol that is a leading factor or heart attack. It also helps in the aging process of the human body and slows down the process. Besides preventing from oxidation of cells and reduction of cholesterol the antioxidants also prevent form other diseases as well.

More research needs to be conducted, the results of the researches help researchers to believe that olive oil may help with atherosclerosis and also help in the prevention of cancer we have already discussed. Olive oil is beneficial in these health issues due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

4. Beneficial for hair and skin health.

The olive is also very beneficial for the outer use of the body as it is beneficial for hair and skin health. There are a lot of high-fat content and beneficial compounds that keep your skin and hair healthy and moisturized. The regular use of olive oil makes your skin healthy and fresh. It keeps your hair shiny, long, and strong by helping in hair fall.

Health benefits of Olive Oil. Image Credit: @Stockland

5. Helps in the Prevention of diabetes

This oil is very beneficial for diabetes. According to many studies, olive oil is very rich in healthy fats that prevent diabetes and help in keeping the blood sugar under control that causes diabetes. We must use olive oil cooking at home if someone has a blood sugar problem as olive oils are known to be beneficial for the prevention of diabetes. So, olive oil is very beneficial for diabetes to try and share this knowledge with others.

6. Strengthens bones

Olive oil is very useful to keep your bones healthy and strong. When you consume olive oil then it means you have consumed a high amount of osteocalcin in your body that can help in the formation of healthy and strong bones. So, keep consuming olive oil regularly to make your bones healthy and strong. The joint pains can also be treated by the massage of olive oil at the joint regularly.

7. Help in weight loss

Losing weight is not an easy task and you can’t do this unless you work too much hard. But if you start using olive oil instead of your regular oil for cooking then you can help you to lose weight faster. You can cook your favorite foods in olive oil or you can use this oil on your salads and enjoy healthy and smart life.

8. Olive Oil as an anti-inflammatory

Extra virgin olive oil is a rich source of a specific phenolic compound called Oleocanthal which is responsible for the burning or tingling sensation and is experienced when tasting a high quality of extra virgin oil. The Oleocanthal has anti-inflammatory properties and it can have similar effects as pain killers and fever reducers.it can also help in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and kill cancer cells in the body. The Oleocanthal helps to clear the beta-amyloid plaques from the brain.


In a nutshell, olive oil is very beneficial for health and it prevents a lot of common and major diseases. I think everyone should keep olive oil at their homes and use it for cooking your foods in the kitchen or you can take it by drizzling it on your salads. The research on olives is continued and every day they found benefits for human health that can be obtained by using this Olive oil. So, keep using olive oil and live a happy, healthy, and strong life.

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