Cristiano Ronaldo breaks world record of Ali Daei

Cristiano Ronaldo is a world-famous football player. He recently breaks a world record and became the world’s leading goal scorer in international football in men’s all-time. To break this record he scored his 110th and 111th goal against Ireland for Portugal and managed their dramatic win in the World Cup qualifying round.

The captain of the Portugal team Cristiano Ronaldo scored two late goals with a header and surpass the 1-0 deficit into a win and breaks the 109 goals record of Iranian legend football player Mr. Ali Daei. He was a wonderful football player and still a legend in the history of international football.

John Egan scored a goal with a perfect header and gave Ireland a 1-0 lead at the end of the first half when Ronaldo missed a penalty opportunity. But the two late goals of 36 years old Ronaldo ensure the win of Portugal and they managed to remain in Group A after four matches.

Cristiano Ronaldo wrote on his Instagram and said:

I can’t even start to express myself in words! I’m thrilled with an overwhelming sensation. From all the records that I have broken during my career — and fortunately there have been a few — this one is very special for me and it’s certainly on the shelf of the achievements that make me truly proud.

He went on and further added that:

Another reason for me to appreciate this achievement as much as I do right now, is because Ali Daei has set the standards in such a high level, that at some point even I started thinking that I might never catch him.

Ali Daei scored 109 goals from 1993-2003 and he was a real legend and was the first player in the world to score too many goals. Last night Ronaldo breaks the record of the legendary Iranian player. Ronaldo started his career in 2003 with a debut for his Portugal team. The last match was his 180th for his country in which he breaks the world record 109 goals all time.

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