Kabul Airport blast, worst US military loss in Afghanistan

The US military troops are fighting in Afghanistan since 2001. In Kabul airport blast US military faces the worst loss in terms of military troops. In the last Kabul Airport, the last 13 US military troops were killed and this is the worst loss at a time since 2011. The suicide bomber tacks the US military troops in two blasts and killed almost 13 military troops according to US Defense Department.

Initially, 12 troops were killed in that blast and then one member died due to his severe wounds. Of the killed troops 10 were US marines and also many US marines were wounded in that attack. Marine Corps spokesman Major Jim Stenger said in a statement.

The two-decade war of the US military in Afghanistan against the Taliban is likely to end. The US military lost their 1909 troops in this war. The heaviest loss faced by the US military was on August 6, 2011, when the Taliban shot down the Chinook transport in the southwest of Kabul. In this crash, almost 22 navy SEAL special operation troops were killed including eight Afghans and a US military dog.

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