White House refused to include India in the security alliance.

The United States of America refused to include India and Japan in the new security alliance. The new security alliance will comprise the USA, UK, and Australia. The White House said that Japan and India will not be part of AUKUS.

The prime minister of India Mr. Narendar Modi is in the USA to attend the quad summit hosted by US President Joe Biden. The first in-person summit was held in the USA for the formation of a new security alliance. But India and Japan will not be included in that alliance.

In response to the question about India and Japan’s inclusion in the new security alliance White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that there is no one else here who will join the Indo-Pacific security alliance. According to international media, Jen Psaki said that:

The announcement of AUKUS last week was not meant to be an indication, and I think this is the message the president also sent to (French President Emmanuel) Macron, that there is no one else who will be involved in security in the Indo-Pacific.

In the last week on 15 September,   US President Joe Biden, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the new security alliance and named as AUKUS. This will not include India and Japan as they attended the summit on invitation of Joe Biden. India was hoping to join the security alliance but the US refused to include it.

The new trilateral security alliance seems to be formed to counter China in the Pacific region. Australia will get the first time ever fleet of nuclear-powered submarines under the newly formed security alliance AUKUS. The alliance will help and allow Australia to develop first-time nuclear-powered submarines.

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