The Israel-based organization helps in the evacuation process in Afghanistan.

The Israel-based organization is working to evacuate people from Afghanistan as many as they can. They are welcoming everyone who seeks to flee from Afghanistan. The organization has charted private flights to Kabul airport to rescue people and almost 300 people have been rescued.

The western troops are busy in the evacuation process and evacuating as many people as they can before the final deadline of August 31st. an emergency specialist band president of the group Mr.  Charmaine Hedding told to MEE (via email) that:

We have had one flight so far get out with over 300 persons. Another two flights are on the Tarmac, We are helping anyone fleeing the Taliban who is at risk

The deadline is much closed and still, there are tens of thousands of people to be rescued including foreigners and Afghan citizens who helped the western countries during the 20 years’ war in Afghanistan against the Taliban.

There was unknown gunfire’s on an Italian military plane as it flew out from the Kabul airport on Thursday but it was undamaged said Italian defense sources.

The Canadian forces already stopped their evacuation process as of around 3700 people in total including Canadian and Afghan citizens on Thursday. They said that they did as much as they could for the evacuation of people from Afghanistan.

The US embassy at Kabul advised people on Wednesday to stay away from the Kabul airport and void to travel towards the airport due to some possible security threats. And they asked the people who already reached the gates to leave the airport on an immediate basis.

The Afghan Taliban have said that the foreign troops would be out from the country at the end of this month and they asked Afghan citizens to stay in the country. If they want to go abroad they can do so after commercial flights resume.

The senior regional official of WHO said on Thursday that:

The World Health Organization only has enough supplies in Afghanistan to last for a week after deliveries of medical equipment from abroad were blocked by restrictions at Kabul airport.

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