Rocket Blast near Kabul Airport after US Warning about terror Attacks

The explosions have been heard near the Kabul Airport this Sunday afternoon. The rocket was launched on the house in the vicinity. The Kabul Airport is not safe after the warnings of the US about the terror attacks. According to Aljazeera TV Afghan police Chief, Mr. Rashid was said that the rocket hits the US evacuation and killed a child.

According to Geo News Pakistani TV channels, the rocket was blasted in the Khawaja Bughra area. In this blast, there were seven people killed including four children, a husband, and a wife, and one other person. But it was not disclosed till now that they were from the same family for not. But it seems that they belong to the same family as the rocket was launched on a house in the vicinity.

According to local residents, the car was parked and children adults were sitting in the car when the blast occurred. It seems that these people were killed in the blast who were sitting in the car.

There are many footages that came out for that incident and only smoke can be seen from the blast area. The rocket hits the house this afternoon at Kabul near Kabul Airport. As the deadline for the evacuation coming closer the terror attacks are also increasing and killing innocent people.

The Afghan Taliban has given the deadline for 31st of August and it seems to be difficult to evacuate all people including foreigners and local citizens that want to fly out from Afghanistan.

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