The rise, fall, and rise of the Afghan Taliban.

The rise and fall of the Afghan Taliban is the most important topic in the whole world right now everyone is talking about them. The Taliban lost their power almost 20 years ago and they are fighting back from that day to gain power again in Afghanistan and to push back the US military troops.

There were two types of thoughts about the Afghan Taliban and the USA. One type of people had been waiting for the elimination of the Taliban from Afghanistan by the US Military. The second one we’re waiting for the victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan and they were hoping for the evacuation of the US military.

The world is waiting for the next steps of the Taliban and how they will govern Afghanistan? How they will manage to run the country smoothly? Will the other countries do business with Afghanistan in this situation as the Taliban have the proper control over every department of the country?

I am not sure what would be the next steps of the Taliban, as they have not disclosed anything about the governance. They just said that they will govern with Islamic rules and no one will be the harm in the country. According to sources the Taliban have waiting for the complete evacuation of the US Military and allies forces.

The Taliban took the district after district and on the 14th August the day when they said US military and allied forces will not remain in the country and no one will be allowed to attack anyone from their country. The world was amused when they beat the Superpower by taking charge in the Kabul city capital of Afghanistan.

There are a lot of controversies about the governance of the Afghan Taliban, US president Mr. Joe Biden says, I don’t believe the Taliban has changed from the day when they came in power at the first time. The Taliban’s are fighting for the last 20 years and in the end, they took power. The 20 years’ war ended for the US and Taliban. The US military lost their 1909 troops in the war with the Taliban’s and also wasted a lot of money and time according to US politicians.

Back in the 1980s, the invasion of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan where the seed was sown for future results like these.  When the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) eliminates President Dawood Khan from his presidency for the false revolutions and introduced an unpopular government and took steps to avoid the association.

The prison of Pul-e-Charkhi in Afghanistan quickly got infamy, as the site for political violence and the torture against those who seem to be a danger for the ideologies of the PDPA. In most of the cases, the evidence came after years as they were innocent.

When they released that the unpopularity of the new regime is not tolerable by the public, then the Soviets came into action to help their invader in Afghanistan to stabilize the PDPA as was collapsing, leaving room for radical forces, So, the Soviets came to Afghanistan and found themselves face to face against the Afghan Mujahedeen

And from that day the war was begun against the Taliban and it is now likely to end after many years. The Taliban has taken the power now and all other forces will be evacuated till 31st August. The Taliban will continue to rule without invasion of any outsider according to Taliban officials.

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