Pakistan and China sent aid to Afghanistan while the world is silent.

Pakistan and China sent aid to Afghanistan to support them in the financial crisis. They also offered discussion for future assistance on the governance of how to lead Afghanistan. While on the other hand, the international donors will gather in Geneva on Monday to decide about the relief for the war-torn country Afghanistan. According to the economist, Afghanistan is in an economic crisis.

The United States and other western countries are hesitant in providing funds to the war-torn country Afghanistan until the Taliban provide assurance for the human rights in the country and especially the rights of women. The United States and western countries still have not decided about the funds and aids to the Taliban to settle the needs of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has $10 billion in foreign assets, overseas and is still frozen in foreign banks. Deborah Lyons, the UN Secretary-General who is appointed as special representative for Afghanistan told to UN Security Council and said:

The understandable purpose is to deny these funds to the de facto Taliban administration. The inevitable effect, however, will be a severe economic downturn that could throw many more millions into poverty and hunger, may generate a massive wave of refugees from Afghanistan, and indeed set Afghanistan back for generations.

Another possibility is that they might want to drive Afghanistan closer to its neighbors Pakistan and China. Pakistan and China have already sent aids to the war-torn country Afghanistan. Pakistan and China signaled in their statements, they are open for engagements with Afghanistan.

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Chinese government announces a week ago that they will send aid worth $30 million including food and health supplies to Afghanistan. It is the first aid after the Taliban took power in Afghanistan. Pakistan has also sent supplies like cooking oil and medicines to the authorities at Kabul airport last week.

Taliban China Talk

The Taliban leaders said that they want to establish good relations with China. They are looking forward to good and fruitful talks with China. The senior Taliban person said that the talks have taken with China in Qatar, Doha about the Chines investment in Afghanistan. China shows their interest in mining but they are open to investing in other areas.

Pakistani senator and former chairman of the China-Pakistan Institute Mushahid Hussain Sayed said that:

The best way forward and the immediately available alternative option for Afghanistan’s economic development is CPEC, which includes Pakistan and China, The new administration in Kabul would also be receptive to this and they are keen on it

President of the Centre for China and Globalization, Mr. Wang Huiyao, said that:

Absolutely the security and stability of Afghanistan is also of importance to China, But also links to Central Asia and the connectivity through the Belt and Road, it’s all related for the regional stability and prosperity…There’s a stake there for China.

In the last few weeks when the Taliban took power they shocked the world by defeating the Super Power. The United States completes its withdrawal from Afghanistan. Now Taliban have built the former government in Afghanistan but they are seeking help to rebuild the war-torn country. And looking for aids from all over the world.

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