Why ECB canceled Pakistan tour? Watmore breaks his silence

The chairman of the England cricket board Mr. Watmore finally spoke about the cancelation of their tour to Pakistan that was scheduled in October. He apologized to Pakistan and cricket fans for their tour cancelation. These were the first comments of Watmore after the cancelation of the Pakistan tour making PCB and cricket fans angry from around the globe. He said that.

I’m very sorry to anyone who feels hurt or let down by our decision, particularly in Pakistan. The decision the board made was an extremely difficult one and the board made it with the primary consideration being the welfare and mental health of our players and staff.

The decision was taken independently by the England cricket board committee by their own judgments he confirmed. Watmore said the ECB is committed to rescheduling a tour to Pakistan next year. The US withdrawals from Afghanistan and the New Zealand last minute pulled out from Pakistan affected the decision. He further added.

I don’t know if you read President Biden’s mind, but I didn’t know he was going to evacuate Afghanistan or that New Zealand would pull out of their tour while effectively warming up on the pitch.

Pakistan welcomes the decision of next year tour

Pakistan information minister Mr. Fawad Chaudhary welcomes the decision of the England Cricket Board for the full-time tour next year. Pakistan would love to host England next year as they committed to touring Pakistan next year in 2022. He said in his recent tweet

Announcement of ECB to visit Pakistan next year is a welcome step, I would like to thank the stars of the cricket world, diplomatic community, media and cricket lovers around the world on their support for Pakistan cricket. Yet again Pak has emerged as strong and resilient nation.

The chairman of the Pakistan cricket board Ramiz Raja earlier has said that ECB has canceled their tour of October 2021 but they will visit Pakistan in the coming year for the full tour. He further said he was not satisfied with the response of Watmore when he asked what if they canceled again with excuses of player’s mental wellbeing and security. But Pakistan is hoping to host the England team next year 2022.

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