9 Surprising Health benefits of natural honey

Natural Honey

People have used natural honey to make traditional medicine for thousands of years. Natural honey contains a lot of health benefits that should be known by everyone. Honey is a sweet natural liquid that comes from honeybees. The honeybees store the honey in hexagonal compounds made by honeybees to store honey as food for their newly born infants. Some people believe that honey is the greatest gift by nature as it has a lot of benefits.

The honey is even used in some hospitals to treat burns and wounds naturally. If you are interested to use the honey then you must buy it from a trusted seller. The must be original that you are going to use otherwise t can harm your health. Some people process sugar to make it honey and it looks like honey but you can judge it by taste. If it has a taste like a sharp sugar then the honey is not original. But if the taste is normal then it’s pure. Here are some benefits of natural honey that can be used to stay healthy.

Why honey is beneficial for health?

Honey is a rich source of antioxidants

Natural honey is a good source of antioxidants that are beneficial for our health. Honey contains a stream of plant chemicals that may act as antioxidants. Honey also contains many oxidants of fruits and vegetables as honeybees suck the juice of pollens from fruits and vegetable fruiting flowers. The antioxidants may help to protect your body from cell damage that can be caused by free radicals.

Free radicals may contribute to the process of aging and can also contribute to the development of chronic diseases and including the diseases of cancer and your heart. Some research’s shown that honey contains important antioxidants called polyphenol plays an important role in the prevention of heart diseases.

Honey can heal wounds and burns

Honey has been used for hundreds of years to heal wounds and burns. The honey not only heals the wounds but also protects the wounds from infections that might be caused by germs. Manuka honey is known as a germ killer and can also help in the regeneration of the tissues. That’s why it boosts the healing times. But keep in mind the honey that is used in the healing of wounds is inspected and sterilized and it’s not safe to apply raw honey on your wounds to treat them. But you can use it to avoid wound infections that may cause a bigger problem.

Honey can relieve coughs

Studies have shown that honey can help you to relieve your coughs. As we know some medicines in the stores are not safe for children. But you can use honey even for less than one-year-old child to relieve their coughs. A meta-analysis shows that natural honey can decrease the severity and frequency of the nighttime cough of the child. Honey can also be used by adults to treat their coughs and sore throat. Take one teaspoon of honey when you go to sleep and don’t eat anything after taking honey to let it coat your throat for treatment. So, keep honey at your home particularly in the winter season to stay safe from colds and coughs.

Useful in treating Diarrhea

Natural honey is very useful in the treatment of diarrhea as it has a soothing effect on the digestive system. According to the study of 150 children with acute gastroenteritis, the children who received honey had a surprising recovery from diarrhea as compared to those who did not receive the honey as oral dehydration. Also, the children who eat honey show a faster recovery from the illness than those who did not eat the honey. To treat diarrhea you can take one teaspoon of honey with milk but don’t use more honey as excessive use of honey can result in more sugar intake that can make diarrhea worse.

Useful in blood pressure

Natural honey is beneficial to control blood pressure. The antioxidant compounds found in natural honey are also associated with blood pressure. Studies that are conducted in laboratories and in humans showed that natural honey can help in the reduction of blood pressure when you take it for a period as a supplement.

Natural honey improves memory

Natural honey also can improve your concentration and memory. According to a study of 2015 the honey particularly Tualang honey can help to remember things and learnings. The honey can enhance the morphology of the brain areas that are related to memory. Honey can decrease oxidative stress in the brain. Also, honey increases the growth factors of the brain.

Useful in weight management

Natural honey can be used to manage your weight. According to the famous author and nutritionist Mike McInnes, honey is useful in burning your body fat and it burns the fat even when you are sleeping. Many doctors recommend taking one teaspoon of honey before going to your bed. You can also use honey with warm water and lemon in the early morning on an empty stomach. Having honey in the early morning before anything else can help to increase the metabolism, which may help to reduce weight faster. Honey is also useful for oral health.

Weight Management. Source:@b4bee.com

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Natural mask for skincare

Natural honey is the natural mask for the skin to make it beautiful and shiny. You can apply honey on your face to make the face skin more attractive. It can also treat acne and pimples from the skin. Apply the natural honey to your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Then apply a soft massage on your face to clear the honey from your face. After massaging for 5 minutes wash your face with warm water you will feel more softness and attraction on your face. You will get the best results within a week. Natural honey is very useful and beneficial for the skin.

Natural Honey Skin Mask. Source:@glammpop.com

Honey can fight harmful bacteria

Honey is famous for its anti-bacterial properties and has the ability to fight many types of bacteria’s including salmonella and E. coli. In the folk medicine traditions, it was used in the many bacterial and fungal infections. During the synthesis of pollens, honeybees deposit hydrogen peroxide into the honey that they are creating. Hydrogen peroxide is a natural antiseptic and is found in natural honey. So, honey can fight many harmful bacteria to keep you safe from bacterial infections.  


Honey is very useful for your health in many ways. But you must take it at a moderate level avoid the excessive consumption of honey as it is also a form of sugar. Take honey and be healthy by avoiding many harmful diseases. Natural honey is a gift of GOD to humans as it has a lot of health benefits. We are writing this article with the best of our knowledge and after reading a lot of articles and researches of experts. We tried to include all important benefits but if you think we have missed something then you are welcome to share your valuable knowledge in comments sections to help people around the globe.

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