The real face of Ayesha Akram’s Story in Pakistan

In Pakistan everyone is talking about this incident even this story is highlighted internationally that’s why I am writing this article to explain the real facts of this story. Let’s start from a couple of days before this incident. The victim Ayesha Akram is a famous Tiktoker and shooting videos for the last 2-3 years. She uploaded a video on her Tiktok profile a couple of days before 14th August with his friend Rambo he is also a Tiktoker. In her video, she invited his fans at Minar-e-Pakistan for a meetup she also invited almost 10-15 Tiktokers to shoot videos together.

On 14th August 2021, Ayesha came to Iqbal Park and entered the main ground of the park near Minar-e-Pakistan. Almost 10-20 people were around her including his friend Rambo. She was walking on the main walking trail of the park and passing flying kisses to his fans. A cameraman was shooting her videos while walking with her friend Rambo and other Tiktokers. She also took selfies with a lot of fans on their cell phones. After that, she tried to climb over some little pillars of Minar and climbed successfully. She was still passing flying kisses to her fans and other Tiktokers.

After some time people started teasing and hooting at her loudly. But she was still enjoying this and passing flying kisses to her fans and new Tiktokers. According to an eyewitness, she had a chance to escape from the crowd but she didn’t. Her friend Rambo hugged her behind and took some pictures in the crowd. Then her fans and other Tiktokers tried to do the same as Rambo did. There were 100s of people teasing her and some of those torn her dress all of them were Tiktokers.

The local and international media is crying for her and saying no one is safe in Pakistan. Sorry to say but Pakistani people are very kind I have personally visited there. Now the question is that why they attacked Ayesha Akram why not on other girls? There were 100s of families but why she was targeted? I have the answer she got what she wants. She ruined the glory of the whole country just for some awesome Tiktok videos and let the people know that how much famous she is. It is a preplanned publicity stunt. She uploaded a video couple of days before this incident and now she is saying it was planned for 14th August and I was there just to take some pictures for Independence Day.

Pakistan is an Islamic country and we all know in Islam dupatta and vail is necessary for ore to go outside your home. Pakistan is not what you see on Tiktok their women do proper vail when they go outside. They have all rights there and living with dignity. Pakistan is not what Ayesha Akram is telling the whole world. Some media persons are saying all Pakistani men are devils if this is true then why they didn’t harm Canadian vlogger, Rosie Gabrielle who traveled from Gwadar to Peshawar on the bike. And in the end, she accepts Islam and became Muslim. She said that she is very impressed by the manners of Pakistani men and married to a Pakistani after accepting Islam.

Rambo is another character in this story he is married and has 3 children. Ayesha Akram said in her interview that Rambo is like her brother and they are shooting videos together for the last 2-3 years. Then her videos got viral in which Rambo hugged her behind and kissing on her shoulder and his hands were on her breast . Then another video came in which he picked her in his hands and walking on the park walking trail. This is not the end in another picture Ayesha is without clothes and he is taking the selfie. Let me know which brother took a selfie with her sister without clothes? In another viral video, a person is removing her shirt and pushing her breast and she is drinking vine. In Islam, you can’t drink vine as it is haram (something that is not allowed to eat or drink) but she was drinking.

I am not saying it is correct that was done to her at Iqbal park but she is responsible for that. Why she didn’t escape from there? Why she invited too many peoples by uploading her video? All the people who were involved in this case should be punished. And it should be restricted to shoot videos in shorts. Tiktok is banned in Pakistan due to content policy issues and it should remain banned permanently. Please don’t blame the whole country they were all Tiktokers who were involved in this incident. Pakistan is a land of peace and happiness I have personal experience.

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