Ex-Afghan Communication minister is now working as Pizza delivery Boy in Germany

The former Communication minister of Afghanistan Mr. Syed Ahmad Shah Sadat is working as pizza delivery boy in Germany. The photos of ex-minister are now on trending. He is working as pizza delivery boy o manage his expenses and to earn some basic livings. About a year ago he was a former communication and IT minister in Afghanistan. But now Ahmad Shah Sadat is working as delivery boy.

Mr. Syed Ahmad Shah Sadat joined Ashraf Ghani’s party in 2016. He worked hard and became the communication and IT minister of Afghanistan in 2018. Afghan minister worked with honesty and dignity for 2 years. He did his job perfectly for his homeland. But he quite hi ministry in 2020 due to some clashes with the Afghan president Mr. Ashraf Ghani and went to Germany. There he joined pizza company and became a pizza delivery boy.

Whole world is talking about the Afghan Minister Mr. Syed Ahmad Sadat as he is working as a pizza delivery boy. There is nothing wrong with earning halal food. Obama’s daughter works at McDonald’s. If any minister after the ministries did such a thing, it could be an argument that he did not commit embezzlement. Which is a good thing. He is earning with his hard work and it is the proof that he was honest and was not a corrupt minister.

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