Leaked iPhone 13 specifications

Apple announce its flagship phone, which is called iPhone 13, is going to make its debut on September 14 at 10 a.m. According to experts, Apple will launch four iPhone 13 models at this event: standard iPhone 13, mini iPhone 13, Pro iPhone 13, and Pro Max iPhone 13. This idea is based on the previous iPhone 12, which has 4 models: standard iPhone 12, Mini iPhone 12, Pro iPhone 12, and Pro Max iPhone 12. iPhone 13 could feature with new design, new features, and upgraded cameras. The price of this phone may also be higher than the previous iPhone 12.

iphone 13
iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max

In 2020, apple released four iPhone 12 models. Standard iPhone 12 and Mini iPhone 12 are almost similar. They share the same camera and storage specifications. Pro iPhone 12 and Pro Max iPhone 12 share the same specifications except for the camera and lenses. We are unable to make a guess which models of iPhone 13 have the same specifications until they are released. Because Apple has not announced the specifications of the iPhone 13 yet. Keep visiting us. We will update this story ASAP Apple announces the specifications.

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iPhone 13 models could feature large batteries than previous iPhone 12 models. According to some sources, the Mini iPhone 13 model could have 2406-mAh, the standard iPhone 13 could have 3095-mAh, Pro iPhone 13 could have 3095-mAh, and Pro Max iPhone 13 could have 4325-mAh.

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