How to get rid of pimples to have attractive skin?


Pimples are becoming a serious skin problem, particularly for females. Pimples are also known as acne, produced by the skin when skin glands become overactive and the pores of the skin become inflamed. In some cases, skin bacteria can make the pimples worst. These pimples or acne can appear anywhere on the skin but they mostly occur on the face.

As pimples are produced by the androgen hormones, and in some cases, they might be occurred by genetically. So, it is difficult to prevent pimples but we are sharing some important and useful tips that you can use to prevent your skin from pimples.

1. Wash your face to keep it clean

Always keep your face clean by washing with warm water not with hot water as it can burn your skin. When you wash your face with warm water it removes the oil and dust from your face that will prevent the production of acne on the face. Use warm water to wash your face, then apply a natural cleanser like honey and massage very softly. Avoid rubbing your face skin strongly, as it will cause an outbreak of more acne on the face. Don’t use alcoholic cleansers on your face when you have acne. Prevent drying your face with a towel or cloth after washing, just let the water dry by the air. Make it your habit it will help you to get rid of face acnes.

2. Prevent or limit your makeup

Pimples can be occurred by anything but in most cases, they occur due to the bad quality of makeup material or by the excessive use of makeup. Most of the females use makeup to cover their face pimples, but doing this for long time can produce more pimples as in the results of the outbreak. Limit your makeup can help you to get rid of face acne or if you want to do makeup then avoid greasy and heavy foundation. Always use simple and cosmetics if you can’t go outside without makeup. Prevention of makeup will lower the risk of aces and in some skin types, acne can be prevented by avoiding the use of makeup.

3. Keep your skin moisturized

When you keep your skin moisturize it will help to keep your skin hydrated and will prevent dehydration. But most moisturizers contain a lot of oil and synthetic fragrance that may cause pimples by irritating the skin. To prevent your skin from pimples always use fragrance-free moisturizers after washing your skin or when you feel it dry. Dr. Weiser a skin specialist says. “Hydrating the skin surface can re-balance oil glands and help control acne and improve healing.”

4. Keep an eye on your diet

The oily skin has more chances to get pimples or acne. So, the person who has acne skin should avoid eating oily food and particularly fast food. Try to eat fresh fruits and green vegetables to keep your skin oily free and it will help to prevent acne. Limit intake of dairy foods as they contain hormones and antibiotics which may cause the worst outbreak of acne on your skin. Dr. Kally Papantoniou explains with Advanced Dermatology PC.

“Leafy green vegetables and other brightly-colored fruit and vegetables which are rich in antioxidants and nutrients dampen inflammation and improve skin quality (studies have shown acne patients have higher oil production and lower antioxidant levels),”

5. Keep washing your pillowcases

As we know that our unwashed pillow sheets lead to cross-contamination which may cause acne on your skin. Using the unwashed pillow sheet for a long time is the same as having an injection with the used syringe. Wash your pillow sheets and bed coverings twice a week to prevent bacteria from building up on your bed or pillow. Keep your pillowcases washed every week to have acne-free clean and fresh skin. Because the place where your face rests must be cleaned to get rid of pimples.

6. Limit to touch your face

Don’t touch your face with your hands particularly the pimples on your face. When we go outside our hands may contaminate many germs and bacteria. When we touch our face these germs and bacteria reached the face skin and some of the bacteria may enter into the skin pores and can cause more acne on our face. Wash your hands regularly and limit yourself to touch your face many times particularly when you are not at home and shaking hands with others.

7. Avoid pimple popping

Don’t be a pimple popper and keep your hands away from your face and pimples. The popping of pimples may result in bleeding from that pimple. The blood that came out from the pimple may spread on your face and can cause more pimples on your face. So, keep yourself away from popping your pimples and allow the pimple to complete its time period after that it will be removed from your face.

Avoid pimple popping. Image

8. Limit your Sunlight exposure

The sunlight has a lot of harmful rays that may cause serious skin issues to normal skin but it becomes worst when acne skin is exposed to sunlight for a long time. Sun exposure may dehydrate the skin and which may cause to produce more oil and also block the skin pores which may lead to having more pimples on the skin. To protect your skin from pimples and sun wear a non-comedogenic and oil-free sunscreen.

9. Limit your stress

Some studies link stress with the acne problem. It is said that stress may lead to having more acne on your skin. And according to my personal experience, it’s true as I got pimples on my face in June 2014. When everyone asks me how I’ve got these pimples some said he used cosmetics to enhance his skin color. It was embracement for me to answer this type of question and it leads me towards stress and I felt an increase in pimples on my face. Then someone asked me to chill and to forget about the pimples, believe it was magic and my skin was recovering dramatically and they vanished within a week. So, don’t worry if you have pimples get the treatment and just chill you will definitely get pimple-free skin.


We’re this article with the best of my today’s knowledge but you know research is going on and founding new tips and treatments for face and skin acne. Use these tips and you will feel the difference in your skin acne. If you think we’ve missed something then please share your valuable knowledge in the comment section and help people to get rid of the acne/pimples.

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