Google scandals: South Korea’s antitrust Organization fines Google $177M.

The Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) fined $176.64 to Google to prevent South Korea’s Android phone manufacturers from using the customized version of Android Operating System (OS). American Tech Giant Google misused its dominant position in the market to prevent South Korea’s Android phone manufacturers from customizing Android Operating System.

The South Korean organization Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) investigated the crime committed by Google and fined it guilty of restricting the Android phone manufacturers from customizing the Android Operating System. The South Korean parliament passed the bill to ban App Store operators such as Google App Store to prevent from pressurizing the Software companies to add its payment system.-

Tech Giant Google often signs the key contracts with local Android phone manufacturers called Anti Fragmentation Agreement (AFA).  By signing this agreement, companies unable to use or can’t customized Android Operating System (OS). This helped Google to dominant the Android Operating System (OS) market.

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Google Discrimination

This scandal is not the first one, a year ago one of Google’s employees accuse the company of suppressing the research on ethical gaps in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Timnit Gebru was Co-leader of Google’s AI ethical team. Google fired her. She found Google facial recognition software based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) misidentify black women 35 percent of the time while it works with precision on white men.

Researchers from around the globe warn tech giants could do more to increase ethical gaps in AI. Timnit Gebru was forced by Google to remove her name from research papers written inside and outside Google. But she rejected. She said:

Timnit Gebru
Computer Scientist Timnit Gebru. Getty Images for TechCrunch.

I felt like we were being censored and thought this had implications for all ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI).   

Google workers and civil society around the globe protested against the discrimination from Google.

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